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On Leaving, and Plane Letters

Its a really wonderful thing that in life there is no limit to the number of people and things that you can love. love isnt something you have to save, or guard, its not running out, you can always, always make more, and most important, you can give it to as many people as you want, all at the same time.

the more you make, the stronger it grows. what else is like that?

and when you give it, you get some back, even if indirectly. it always finds its way back to you somehow. so you can give it without worrying.

people are too careful with their love. they worry it will be wasted, but can it really ever be a waste? loving things makes us more beautiful and the world more beautiful.

I go away a lot. and often, Im amazed by the sheer number of people I know, people who are important to me. I’m looking back on 2008 and thinking how I was so sure I knew and loved as many people as was possible.

lies. just look how that number has grown. youre all very much wonderful.

sorry for my random musings, this was the cotents of my head whilst on the plane.

have officially touched down in LA!

Mbali, let me tell you now that getting off the plane at LAX is not nearly as awesome as miley cirus makes it sound… that airport is like being beaten over the head with a lion.