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a tour of CZ and some of Berkeley

So I’ve had a few people tell me they want to see more photos of where exactly I am!

so behold! some pictures of where I live πŸ™‚

The house has two ‘wings’, if you will. I live in the ‘East’ wing, or the hundreds side. The other side is the tens side (the tens floor, twenties floor, thirties and forties floor etc). the Hundreds side is 100, 2o0, 300.

This guy is painted behind the door that is the entrance to the 300’s floor πŸ™‚ That door is almost always propped open, so I never saw him until one day when he gave me such a fright! Tali; a real psycho style moment, you would have been amused πŸ™‚

in the middle of the two wings is the common room!

That’s Sa’adia sitting at our main table which also happens to be a stripper stage. See the pole in the middle? also, note the ceiling is painted like the sky.

So the whole house itself is overed in amazing art. here are some of my Favourites!

the best mural in the house!

It isΒ  mural in the back staircase of the night sky, the moon, and the Campanile (gint clocktower) curling around the roof. it’s awesome because you come out of the stairway at night and the actual campaile is right there in front of you.

a really beautiful one in the 300’s corridor;

penny tree, outside the study room

The study room in the afternoon

Sleepless, in Seattle

I love Seattle. I could live on Capitol Hill. it is beautiful and green and well thought out, with views, and parks and dancing and meteors.

and they dance FAST. brilliantly. until 5 in the morning. oh yes, I was sleepless. dead on my feet, in complete and utter heaven. happy like a bee in honey.

not to mention it was 40 degrees sunny the entire weekend. not ideal dance weather for a city which should promise super amounts of gumboot rain. everyone looked like sea monsters approximately 30 seconds after they entered those sweltering ballrooms. and even then, the band and djs were merciless. 200 bpm an average pace. STFO heaven for Vivi.

the live music made my weekend. dancing to live music is so much more real. It is just so much more… dancing! the give and take of energy between dancers and a band playing the music you want to hear makes the room feel a little electric. zingy, in the tips of your fingers.

But I especially love Seattle because of the people. what a warm, welcoming, down to earth bunch. I felt so immediately at home, and most importantly, able to chillax and be my wacky self πŸ˜€ a far cry from LA where the number of superstars and competitions lent a tense atmosphere to the dancing. this was just about the lindy hop…. and boy can they hop!!

so three days of intense dancing flew by, leaving me sleep deprived, on another plane with muscles not talking to me….

but here I am in the east bay of San Francisco!

expect many a post on the beauty of Berkeley and how ridiculous this whole shenanigan is, but for now,

here is our stadium…

and here is a group of us relaxing n the sun in front of the Campanile (giant clock tower thing with views like heaven.)

Berkeley is something else…

so, on another note, they have this idea in the bay area that science learning should be joyful and fun. (Harris: “but science IS fun!!!”) they express this in the form of several museums around the place, in which they teach weird and wacky magical/science things in awesome ways. I play in there for hours.

today we hiked up a RIDICULOUS hill, 3 new friends and I, to this museum. I will have thighs of STEEL upon my return, I swear it. the landscape here never considered a naive australian tourist, used to miles of flat flat flat.

one of my new friends is Nathan, whose favorite sandwich is chicken salad. the other one is Joy, with whom the reason for my friendship is self explanatory πŸ™‚

on the way up the hill, I found cherry plums, fresh off a tree, and nearly broke something scrambling to pick them. they were warm in the sun. there was juice on my fingers. πŸ™‚