Contact Me!

UPDATE!! shiny new update!!!

my american phone number is…. (+1) 1-510-395-4123

ooooh, shiiiiny!!!!

contact me and be sure of a response as I have attained an awesome plan! yay!

The BEST place to mail me is…..

My Co-op!

Vivi Kalman, room 301

Casa Zimbabwe

2422 Ridge Rd
Berkeley, CA 94709

or,if its something that a drunk member of CZ who is not me would most likely want to steal (they dont know what tim tams are yet, so that doesn’t count), send it to Alison and Paul, who are some of my SF family πŸ™‚

906 Trestle Glen Rd
Oakland, CA 94610-2515

shweet! bring on the love packages, people!
also, respond to this with your own addresses and I shall see if i cant send back love packages in return πŸ™‚
though cant guarrentee it πŸ™‚

2 responses to “Contact Me!

  1. I now see where you are. Excellent.

  2. Dearest Vivi,
    Would you believe, it’s the first time I’ve actually looked at your blog! Exciting doesn’t even begin to describe it. I’m so happy you’re having such an amazing time; I hope home won’t seem too dull by contrast and I’m very much looking forward to seeing you in actual reality.
    big hugs, lots of love
    Buba Floris

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