I’m going away, jetsetting if you will 🙂 to Berkeley, California!

leaving july 28, ill be back hopefully jan 14.

this is a blog for all those pining grandparents/stalking friends to keep track of what I’m up to and make sure I’m not becoming an international woman of mystery or something…. perhaps I shouldn’t write these things when I am seriously tired?

also, a convenient place for me to dump a lot of words (alot of words) and generally vent on how my trip seems to be shaping up, as well as my level of broke-ness at any given time 🙂

will be missing you all like a fat kid misses cake.

3 responses to “About

  1. We’ll miss you!!!!!

  2. VIV oh my god great minds think alike!! im doing the whole travel-blog thing too! except that i got bored and started early, café work doesn’t do much for me in terms of brain fodder. ah so exciting im going to stalk you from the other side of the continent!! and you can do the same! ( hint… do the same )
    haha.. have heaps of fun see you soon hopefully in usa!

  3. Viv,

    What a fantastic site!!! I love all the little things i can roll my mouse over and then it pops up with a box and a picture.

    HA about the shiny shoes- what did i tell you? WHAT DID I TELL YOU? WHHHAAAAT DID I GOD DAMN TELL YOU????? America has everything! and more! and better! and you’ll want to buy it all. but hey- guess you can learn from your mistakes and NEXT TIME you’ll fly to LA with an EMPTY suitcase. Laura-Hayden Style. Thats right – no fourth belt or those extra tee’s that I thought I had successfully hidden in your ‘no’ pile only to hear that they were included later via a facebook comment you made NOT TO ME but to your sister. luckily i stalk your fb page, otherwise this would have totally slipped me by.

    KEEP WRITING! Oh, and where the hell are you? Can I get a postal address please?

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