Update of Hooray-ness!

awesome things that have happened:

  • I painted my room! its not quite done yet, but it doesnt look as bad as my ‘art’ usually does! i love random art projects, hooray!

You can only see clearly with your heart…what is important is invisible to the eye…..

this is Fat Jan, my favourite bird that I painted. She is chubby from too many twinkies šŸ™‚

  • they restocked the fridge with blueberries. enough said!

  • our house has an amazing hot tub. I love it. a lot.
  • rhythm lounge on the weekend with a random workshop with thomas and alice mei was so so sweet! – its ridiculous how many dance superstars are around the place all the time here!
  • have already finished all my workshift for the week, woop! šŸ™‚
  • have plans to build a loft for my bed, go dancing 5 nights this week, and finish my assignment early.
  • i got fro yo on the weekend. i am fat, and happy.
  • I had a LOVELY yontef dinner with Allison and Paul, and Viv and Howard for Rosh Hashana. Happy New Year everyone! xxxxxxxxxx Shana Tova Umetuka.
  • Today it is a month since I left for the second time. I wish I could stay here a year, not just a semester. it is WONDERFUL.
  • I got a love package of tim tams and chocolate teddies in the mail. I distributed some to the other two ozzies here, but the rest are mine mine mineeeeee…. šŸ™‚ *jealously hoardes tim tams*
  • I am going to try blues dancing again tonight. this is its last chance!!!
  • I went to my Film DeCal class. we watched Citizen Kane and then discussed it for ten minutes. I get University credit for that! AWESOME! šŸ˜€

thats about all that is interesting at the moment! lots of love to everyone, thankyou to Zoltan for the marvelous postcard!

Now I should go to class šŸ™‚

x’s and o’s!

2 responses to “Update of Hooray-ness!

  1. i must say, you did a wonderful job painting me as a bird on your wall. i feel so special to have made it, and rather impressed that i was able to fly considering the excess baggage around my waist, if you know what i mean…

    glad to hear you love the hot tub, but i cant remember if i only allowed you to take one pair of bathers? the ones you got altered? well! i believe its time to buy another! plus when you return it shall be summer here. go on, do it. do it! do it! do it! (why am i getting so carried away on this topic?).

    i watched the video, it was quite inspiring. i have decided that i will try swing dancing with you when you return. but only if i first get 1:1 lessons with you. you will obviously have to be the man. but thats ok with me.

    for a second there with the fro yo i thought you had gone gangsta. then i worked it out.

    i think you should build the loft, because then you will be closer to fat jan.


  2. Shana Tova Viv. Gamar Tov. Where will you be for Yom K? Fasting and all that dancing should fix your ‘fat’ joy! Your constant state of joy always lifts me!
    I love the painting…looks great…I didn’t know you could paint! Have you just taught me that you can do anything you really want to do or is that something that I taught you????!
    Loved the dance routine too!

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