Look, i’m no coffee expert, but even I know this is terrible!

ugggggghhhhh…. my head!!! jetlag, i kill you!!!!
first night of dancing last night, but afterwards, completely ZERO sleep….
so this morning I resemble a monster from the deep, crawling lopsidedly to breakfast.

my emergency chocolate is LONG gone, so I seek something, ANYTHING vaguely reminiscent of caffeine….
only to be greeted by this cup of EVIL. it is watery. it is instant. zoltan, it comes nothing close to the shot of heaven that can be found at jungle juice. i consider going to starbucks across the road.
5 hours of dance class today is looking better and better!!!

(LIES, i have never been more freaking star struck in my LIFE! the instructors jam last night was freaking SHWEET and they were not. even. trying. woop!!!!)

oh, p.s. yes, yes this blog is nothing but a cross between a tool of procrastiation and an arena for my whingeing. you love it. dont lie!

…oy vey…

p.p.s. am already plus one pair of dancing shoes. probably will be plus another by the end of the weekend. they are just TOO SHINY! this will mean that my dancing shoes almost outumber my regular shoes. bahahaha

lost cause = me! 😀

2 responses to “Look, i’m no coffee expert, but even I know this is terrible!

  1. Oh no! Coffee of doom! I hope that it gets better. Maybe you can find a coffee machine in your travels and buy some actual nice coffee and perhaps a little condessed milk… 🙂
    In coffee news from me I had a bowl of coffee on lygon st on thursday. BOWL OF COFFEE! With sweet biscotti on the side. It was pretty super. When you’re back in town you should have one. BOWL OF COFFEE!

  2. HI ZOLTAN!!!! 😀
    I think america will be the start of a severe caffiene addiction for me…. in the past couple of days, the jetlag is gone, replaced by the ability to simply pass out at will. which works for me. its the result of endless wonderful dancing JOY!!!
    i am most excited to join you for a bowl of ACTUAL coffee on my return in approximately one week less than 6 months 😀
    p.s. a BOWL!!!??? realized i didnt react to the awesomeness of that!!!!!! shweet! 🙂

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